Custom Work

Tech Simply can help you architect and design your dream project

If your website needs can’t be met by any of our website packages or maintenance plans, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Custom Quotes per Project, or $60/hr

Our team can develop just about anything you can think of.  Whether it’s modifications to an existing website, or a completely new web application from scratch, Tech Simply has the solution at a fair price.

Modifications or Upgrades to Existing Websites

Unless your existing website needs a complete makeover, we recommend hourly work as the most cost-effective method.  That way, we can make piecemeal upgrades to your website, and the cost gets spread out over time.  For existing websites that were not made by Tech Simply, we require a $180 on-boarding fee to begin hourly work.  This is meant to cover the cost of our developers learning your websites back end.  Alternatively, if you have an active maintenance plan with us, the fee is waved. - before and after photos – before and after

New Websites or Custom Applications

We are happy to design and develop any custom website or application you can imagine.  For smaller projects, we can provide hourly work without requiring the on-boarding fee. However, in most cases you will want to contact us for a custom quote.  That way, we can give you a discounted flat rate price, rather than paying for a whole lot of hourly work.