Hosting – what is it? And why should you let Tech Simply handle it?

Hosting is the only way to have your website live online. Simply put, it’s paying a company (such as Microsoft) to let your website live on their web server – from where it can be served to anyone on the internet.

Hosting largely determines the performance of a website, so it’s important to use a reputable host. Otherwise, you could end up with a website that looks great, but runs so slowly that nobody wants to visit.  Worse yet, your website could be vulnerable to hackers.

73% of mobile internet users say that they’ve encountered a website that was too slow to load

Neil Patel

Tech Simply chooses to use the Microsoft Azure cloud platform for hosting. It’s a platform that has been around for a while, and proven itself to be reliable.  With options like automated security audits, HTTP/2, Content Delivery Networks (CDN), and scheduled backups, it sets itself apart from its competitors. It’s also a scalable platform, which allows us to provide you with exactly the power you need, exactly when you need it.

Our basic hosting includes more than enough power to keep your website speedy. Using best practices, we also optimize the web server settings – which can affect performance (or worse) if done incorrectly. Trust that your website is in good hands if you choose to host with Tech Simply.